Patterns of Life is a research and development project by Parnassia Groep and Redesigning Psychiatry. Its aim is to study new forms of diagnostic and prognostic cocreation between clients and professionals in the field of mental health care.

To this end, a blended care application is being designed, in collaboration with PsyQ and Label A. The application allows clients to create intuitive visualisations of problem-sustaining patterns in their lives.

This interface is combined with an extensive questionnaire, featuring a wide range of newly formulated questions. These were designed to be less stigmatising, while also being more suitable to transdiagnostic analysis, in comparison to existing psychiatric diagnostic instruments.

User data from these designs will be analysed by the Mark van der Gaag Research Centre, at Parnassia Groep and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in order to establish a scientific basis for future research and clinical practice.